Make A Decision- Make It Be The Right Decision

If ‘procrastination’ were a four-letter word (instead of 15 letters, five syllables), that word would be ‘s#!t.’ Am I right?!?! Examples: “S#!t, I’ve got to write my marketing plan” or “S#!t, I needed to reach out to the media about my client.”

We all procrastinate. I’m not breaking new ground here… Show me someone who pays her bills early (on time with the help of e-bill pay, but never early.), registers his kid for summer camp before deadline day (maybe that’s just me) or RSVPs to an event before the deadline. Procrastination is woven into our societal fabric. I know I can’t change that (…be like trying to hold the ocean back with a broom.)

But when it comes to marketing, procrastination is the death of strategy – which could lead to an untimely demise your product or service. Strategy requires forethought, planning and research that result in a plan of action.

Without strategy, you’re throwing marketing tactics against a wall and hoping something sticks (sure, you’re company has the next viral video phenom…one day you’re product video will magically have over a billion views – that’s sarcasm, people).

Stop it. If that’s how you’re planning your marketing, you’re not planning at all.

Make a decision. Make it be the right decision.

That’s what having a strategy is all about. Strategy is planting your flag firmly in the ground and saying ‘all marketing activities have this well thought out reasoning behind them.’

Strategy informs all tactics and guides execution. Strategy is the first line of defense against those screaming that you “MUST TRY THIS ONE THING THAT IS SO COOL AND WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!” Reality: It’s a diversion from what you committed to in your strategy (there’s that word again).

A parting thought: Strategy gives your client confidence. The client believes you are acting in their best interest and in a manner that represents its brand well.

‘Blog Haiku (or the USA Today summary of this post):

“Heed my reflection
Have strategy and obey
Else you will flounder”