Using Social Media to Help Your Event

When planning for a big upcoming event picking the perfect date, venue and performers are a must for a great turn-out. During the extreme growth of the digital age, social media presence is another must for success. A great social media presence can help out an event in many ways. It can help reach untouched demographics, encourage more press coverage and excite attendees. These things can be accomplished through two easy steps.

  1. Check out platforms
  2. There are so many different platforms to look into. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foresquare, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, you name it. In a graphic designed by Eventility, it is shown that 84% of event organizers use Facebook to promote their events, 61% use Twitter and 42% use YouTube. With the growth of visual social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram there are endless possibilities on how to reach customers.

    In 2015, Pew Research Center published an article displaying social media demographics. Studying this information can provide proper insight into which platforms to use.


  3. Plan it out

Create a plan leading up to the event. The Eventility graphic shows that users are 71% more likely to buy a product if someone referred it to them on social media, which is causing 78% of event organizers to increase their future use of social media.

When the event is a few months out, post once or twice a week to keep the event relevant to possible attendees. As the event gets closer, the posts should increase in frequency to encourage heightened attendance. A post once a day will remind attendees to grab their tickets and tell their friends to do the same.



Figuring out the best social media platforms for the event’s demographics and goals, and then creating an agenda for the frequency of posts will help reach untouched demographics, encourage more press coverage and excite attendees. These two steps will help in accomplishing these goals by providing bountiful information about the event and everything that there is to offer to attendees, potential customers and the media looking for a great local story to cover.